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  • Pest Control
  • Seasonal Services
    • Mosquitoes
      • Mosquito services run from April-October. We offer full seasonal protection or 1 time treatments for special events.

    • Carpenter Bees
      • Carpenter Bees are active in the spring of the year. The treatment is a 1 time service. It will stop the current year's infestation and slow future infestations.

    • Fall Invaders - Stink Bugs, Asian Lady Beetles (Lady Bugs) and Boxelder Bugs. It's a fall 1 time exterior treatment and will slow these flying insects from overwintering in homes. This in turns prevents them from emerging inside the home the following spring.
      • Stink Bugs
      • Ladybugs
      • Boxelder Bugs
  • Bed Bugs
    • Similar to ticks, they are reddish-brown with an oval shape body and considered flat. They hide near their food source (Beds, sofas, recliners, etc), they feed exclusively off blood and prefer humans to animals. Their peak hours of operation are 3-4am. They have to have a blood meal to mature (They have 5 life stages) and/or to reproduce. We offer free inspections and estimates.

Complete Pest Control Services

Offering complete pest control services, our team is here to protect you from the unwanted guests that have entered your home, including bed bugs. These bugs feed exclusively on blood, preferring human blood over animals, and they are long, oval-shaped, and brown in color. They’re often found in beds, sofas, and recliners, and due to their peak activity hours being in the early hours of the morning, they can be hard to spot. Should you suspect there’s an issue in your home, our pest control company offers free inspections and estimates to remedy the issue. 

Available for both full seasonal protection or one-time treatments, we can effectively treat commonly known springtime pests, such as mosquitoes, carpenter bees, as well as fall invaders, including stink bugs, ladybugs, and boxelder bugs. Call Southeast Termite & Pest Control today to schedule your free estimate or inspection. 

Variety of Pests

A Plus. Knowledgable, thorough, did a GREAT job. Highly recommend.

- Kiki Dee

Everyone is so friendly, especially Derek! Quick to respond to calls and very knowledgeable of the types of critters and best treatments for each.

- Jordan Achs

Derek Eaton is great! He is very knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond!

- Natalie Lethgo