Crawl Space Encapsulation

In the summer, traditional crawl spaces have warm humid air blowing through them, while the home’s living area is trying to be cooled. In the winter, traditional crawl spaces have cold dry air blowing through them while the home’s living area is trying to be heated. With a crawl space encapsulation, all exterior air is prevented from entering the crawl space. This allows for more efficient heating and cooling of the home.

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Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Regulates the humidity in a crawl space. Mold and Mildew grows anytime the humidity reaches 60%. Wood floors and staining on walls and ceilings can occur at 75% humidity. A crawl space encapsulation assures a humidity level below 60%. In most cases, humidity will be closer to 40%.
  • Eliminates the condensation on duct lines. In the summer, warm humid air blows through a traditional crawl space and hits a cold duct line. Condensation occurs, drips onto the ground and creates puddles. This moisture increases humidity percent drastically and is the fuel for mold growth.
  • Home air health is improved as 50% of a home's air comes from the crawl space. With a crawl space encapsulation, the air is conditioned and much healthier.
  • Prevents unhealthy soil gasses (radon gas is the biggest concern) from entering home.
  • Crawl space encapsulations have a clean, sleek look. The crawl space is no longer a dark, dingy part of the home.
  • With lower humidity and access, insects, termites and rodents are much less likely a problem.
  • A monitor where the homeowner knows exactly what the humidity percentage is.

History of the Crawl Space

For years there has been a debate on what is the better method to handle crawl spaces. Historically, the most common thought and building code has been to have an open crawl space. This uses operational vents. The vents allow air flow throughout the crawl space. With open vents, insulation is used on the subflooring. This method also uses a thin mil plastic on 75% of the ground to reduce soil humidity from attaching to joists and subflooring.

In recent years, the ability to track a home’s heating and cooling efficiency, as well as air quality has shed a light on the benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulations. In part of the country, where humidity is relatively low year-round, open crawl spaces are still a reliable option. However, in the southeast, due to the summer’s high humidity, an open crawl space invites warm humid air into the crawlspace, and this is detrimental to a crawlspace’s health, is fuel for mold growth and reduces a home’s air quality.

Dirty Crawl Space
Crawl Space Encapsulation before

Overview of Encapsulation Process

  1. Remove all insulation, plastic, and debris from ground.
  2. Treat any current mold or fungus.
  3. Close and seal all vents except one. Install one power vent.
  4. Install new insulation around the exterior band joists.
  5. Install a 15 or 36 mil vapor barrier across the entire ground.
  6. Install plastic on all walls and piers and tie that into the ground barrier. This is a seamless transition that creates a clean, sleek look. Our wall plastic is attached with an adhesive and does not use mechanical fasteners.
  7. Install a Santa Fe Dehumidifier and condensation pump. Run the condensation line out of the crawl space and away from the home.
  8. Install lights with a switch at the crawl door.
  9. When needed, install a sump pump and French drains. Run the discharge line out of the crawl space and away from the home.
  10. Install a weather station. This is a monitor in the crawl space and a read-out screen in the home. Homeowner can monitor the conditions of the crawlspace and see in real time the humidity percentage.

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Encapsulated Crawl Space completed by Southeast Termite & Pest Control